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India's best-known architects have trust that KALCO speaks their language when it comes to design, manufacture, installation and support. Architect professionals need professional support for his/her creative projects. Kalco works with numerous well-known architects, providing them with the correct solutions for their projects. Kalco presence in segment of Building Improvement Sector - Green Building Solutions. We have dedicated team from CAD drawing designing to Product Installations Services.

Products Offering

We have range of 30+ Products. From General Aluminium System to High-End Thermal Break, Energy Saving Products and Curtain Wall Solutions.
State of the art techniques are used to provide sustainable and durable solutions for your project’s needs: windows, doors, curtain walls and BIPV.

All Product details & technical specifications are given in product brochures.

Quality Parameter

Door Windows Warranty At every stage of the production process our quality control team carries out very stringent checks, which enable us to guarantee that our systems satisfy country and product specific technical approvals and standards. In addition we grant a 1-5-years system warranty.
This is an insurance on the aluminium, powder coating or anodisation layer, as well as on the insulation and the accessories.


Our wide range of products and their excellent price-quality ratio allows us to offer the most appropriate solution for your project.

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