composite-panel-by-kalco composite-panel-by-diagram


A curtain wall is made of aluminum coated.

Series Model: K-1104

Product Type

Compsite Panel


A curtain wall is made of aluminum coated (2.00 mm thick) in the shape of "U" anchored to the wall by means of suitable brackets made of aluminum or stainless steel of suitable thickness.

The vertical substructure have pins arranged to fix the cassette . The pins are made of stainless steel and aluminum, coated with anti-friction material to prevent squeaks by thermal expansion or vibration under wind pressure.

The pin positions are defined parametrically and are functions of size L x H cassettes.
(Dimensions L x H are chosen by the designer according to the architectural project to be implemented)
The system of fixing the substructure to the wall is adjustable in three directions, to allow for perfect alignment and sealing of the coating, and must be able to withstand all the stresses transmitted by the ventilated facade (weight, pressure and depression of wind loads accidental).

The boxes are made of coated aluminum alloy with thicknesses of laminates ranging from 1.50 mm and 3.00 mm, depending on the size of the box L x H and wind pressure as expected.

The boxes are molded entirely in the shop, shipped ready to assemble and protected by a protective polyethylene film easily removable after installation. The film protects the surface during processing, transport and assembly to guarantee a finish free of scratches.